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My name is Dan Jones and I created "Computer Helpers" over 20 years ago.   I picked up some laptops and computers; then with a folding card table, some home made business cards, and those computers I went and set up at the flea market, at the high school parking lot in Oak Ridge, TN.  The flea market was open from 6 AM to about 12 PM every Saturday from about March to November. Well I ran out of business cards and sold 3 laptops and a desktop, and 2 repairs that first day and "Computer Helper's" was born.  We went from that card table to two tents and ten 6 foot tables over the next several years, building a client list that is now around 500.  At one point about 10 years ago we stopped setting up at the Oak Ridge market, as I had opened a seperate office next to my home on the south end of Oak Ridge. A few months later we set up at the now closed Turkey Creek Public Market. Although the market was a huge success for us it barely lasted a year and closed it's doors.  We then did a short stint up at Two Rivers, but that really did not pan out.  So now we do business just out of the office. 

Our current office is a 14 X 32 foot building that allows us to keep our costs down, which allows us to pass those savings to our clients. We keep most of our inventory, do all our in office repairs and services in this building.  We have all the tools we need to service several computers at the same time.  Our inventory is constantly changing, and we try to keep a good assortment of Laptops and Desktops and laser printers to fit most budgets.  Generally we have higher end used computers that may have sold new for 2-4 times what we sell them for used.  Computers are alot like cars as they loose value very fast. So we look for higher end units that many people would never pay for because of that high price.  We then refurbish them to like new or better and sell them for a fraction of new.  We also build custom computers for clients looking for a higher end machine at a cost of about half of what a similar or lesser machine would sell for.  About two years ago we started holding computer classes at ORICL (Oak Ridge Institute for Continued Learning) (Roane State Oak Ridge Campus) only.   Clients of computer helpers not only receive quality service at the lowest prices, they also receive honest and fair options that are explained in terms they can understand. 

So the next time you need a question answered, repair, or looking to purchase or upgrade your current equipment please give us a call and we promise to treat you fairly. 

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